Negress in White Fur Robs NYC Cabbie | Irateirishman

Negress in White Fur Robs NYC CabbieMarch 5, 2013 All, Nigger Crime 11 CommentsAHZ WEARIN FUR CAUSE AH GITTN MUH PICTCHA TAKENA she-boon wearing a scowl and a white fur coat is wanted for robbing a livery-cab driver in the Morris Heights section of De Bronx Sunday, police said last night.The uncharacteristically dressed horse-nostriled crook didn’t seem to worry about mussing up her fancy outfit as she apeaulted the cabbie and then made off with an undetermined amount of cash. I bet when the cops investigate, the scowl and the coat were lifted from an Upper East Side apartment in a burglary or otherwise stolen.

via Negress in White Fur Robs NYC Cabbie | Irateirishman.

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